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FAQS about incorporating a company

Hello Zainab, I am trying to incorporate my company and in the form I am supposed to appoint a company secretary. Do I really need a company secretary for my tech startup? Can’t I just get a receptionist to handle the documents. Yours, Broke Founder Broke Founder, LOLOLOLOL. I really cannot stop laughing out loud. […]...
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Company formation: who and what?

By law, a company is seen as a distinct person, separate from the persons who formed it. This makes it a separate legal entity. The owners of a company are referred to as its members or shareholders. Because of its legal status,  companies are given the same rights as a natural person which means that […]...
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6 circumstances you will need a lawyer

No it’s not when you want to sue or are about to be sued. If that’s why you are reading this article it’s probably too late, you already know you need a lawyer. There are two professionals every business will need early on, the accountant and the lawyer. An accountant you can rationalize, you need […]...
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What entrepreneurs can learn from the NBC (Coca-Cola)/NAFDAC case

First of all, a gloat with my learned friends. If they ever sneer at you, asking “What do lawyers really do? Why do you want to collect all that money? Isn’t it just to write ‘heretobefore’?”, wave this judgement in their faces. Good lawyers help entrepreneurs and clients avoid losing money by asking the right […]...
Starting & Operating a Business
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Protecting yourself from your co-founder

Hi Zainab, My co-founder works in the IT department of an oil company and earns a fat salary. In all fairness, he wrote most of the code when we initially started developing the software for our product although he was always behind schedule.  Nowadays, he rarely shows up for meetings and does very little work. […]...
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Trademark Licencing in 2 minutes

Trademarks could be the bodyguard to your business. They are an important business asset that could protect your brand. Importantly, you can use, sell and license rights that come from your trademark and receive royalties. They make one of the core assets a business could have. Licensing your trademark can be a beneficial business strategy […]...