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How to appoint a director

Who is a director? The Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) defines directors as “persons duly appointed by the company to direct and manage the business of the company”. It further describes directors to “include any person occupying the position of director by whatever name he may be called and includes any person in accordance […]...
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Before you sign that document

Generally, all oral contracts for sale of land are prohibited and where such contract exists, it will not be enforceable. The reason for this is because of the provisions of the Statute of Fraud 1677 which requires that there must be some memorandum or notes in writing in respect of contract for sale of land, […]...
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What you should know before signing a contract

  A contract is defined by L.B Curzon’s “A Dictionary of Law” to be a legally binding agreement. In other words, it is an agreement between 2 or more parties which the law/court will honour. For instance, a building contract, an employment contract or a loan agreement and so on. For a contract to be […]...
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Do you have a Contract of Employment?

There are a lot of people reading this post, answering “No” to the above question. Next is thinking asking why you don’t have one in the first place and wondering if you are even entitled to one?   Personally, I have met workers who informed me that though they were engaged in various forms of […]...
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Why you should pay your tax

Tax evasion is a big deal in many countries, the United States and the United Kingdom are one of such countries and examples are made out of tax offenders in a bid to discourage others from following in those footsteps.   Taxes are used to improve infrastructures and state facilities in a bid to provide […]...

Evicting tenants through self-help

A client once complained to me about a belligerent tenant who despite owing arrears of rent had refused to vacate the premises. My Client wanted to let the premises to someone else who was ready to pay and asked how he could get the tenant out in two months. This is rather an unfortunate situation […]...
Company LawCorporate GovernanceStarting & Operating a Business
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Documents needed to start a business -Shareholders Agreement

Whilst your MEMART would contain general provisions with regard to the object of the company and its corporate governance structure, a Shareholders Agreement goes further to govern the relationship among the shareholders, and between the shareholders and the company itself. A standard shareholders agreement would have clauses relating to the disposal or transfer of shares […]...
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Documents needed to start a business -Terms of Service

You know that long epistle you typically skip reading and just check the “I Accept” box? You also should have one, especially if you run a business where you collect information from people, which around these parts is often the case as there is almost always an e-commerce or registration angle to most internet/tech startups. […]...
ContractsEmploymentStarting & Operating a Business
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Documents needed to start a business -Employment Agreement or Offer Contracts

As the name implies, this is the letter with which the startup employs employees, or the offer contract with which it engages other “workers” who may not necessarily be employees, e.g. consultants, interns, contract staff etc. These letters must be carefully worded to ensure that the statutory rights and benefits applicable to each class of […]...
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Documents needed to start a business -Invention Assignment Agreement

Whilst the IP Assignment Agreement usually addresses the assignment of pre-incorporation IP rights to the startup, an Invention Assignment Agreement assigns the rights that may arise during the lifetime of the startup, it is usually drafted in a “futuristic” manner such that it assigns to the company, rights that may arise whilst executing tasks in […]...
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Documents needed to start a business -Intellectual Property (IP) Assignment Agreement

As the name implies, this is an agreement through which an individual assigns rights in an intellectual property to another. Startups are built on a lot of intangible property, inclusive of skills and know-how. When people come together to start a business, their primary contribution usually entails this intangible property, and it needs to be […]...
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Documents needed to start a business – Non–Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

All startups are built on ideas and the execution of these ideas always involves sharing these ideas with others. An NDA is a contract entered into to protect the confidentiality of information shared between parties. It restricts third party access to the information shared and is enforceable in court when breached. An NDA could be […]...