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Force Majeure Clauses and How They Impact Your Contracts. (What To Do Next)

As a business owner, you’re probably wondering what will happen to the contracts that you have entered into with people or companies that you transact business with in light of the business disruption caused by the current global health crisis.  You may also be wondering what this means for your undelivered goods and unrendered services […]...
Data ProtectionEntrepreneurs
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A Close Look at the Data Protection Policy in Nigeria

Laura recently moved back into the country and was looking at setting up her business here in the motherland. She reached out to Siji her childhood friend who was already running a premium beauty parlour and spa.  At their meetup to catch-up, Laura explained to her friend the scope of her business and her plans. […]...
Intellectual PropertyLitigation
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What to do when your copyright has been infringed on

Jennifer is a digital illustrator who earns a living from selling her unique illustrated designs to companies and individuals. One day, Jennifer stumbles on an Instagram page run by Tosin that is selling her illustrations in portrait form claiming them to be his work. Fortunately for Jennifer, all her illustrations have been registered and copyrighted […]...
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Dealing with Freelance/Contract Employees

Remember Adeola from our previous article, well she’s been able to set up her fashion studio at the property she bought. The next thing on her list is recruiting some personnel needed for the day-to-day running of her business. Whilst compiling the roles and the appropriate description for each role, she concluded that some of […]...
Land acquisitionProperty lawTenancy
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Ways a Landlord can Terminate a Tenancy agreement

Remember Adeola from last week’s newsletter?  Well, she ended up purchasing a piece of land for her business after the land documents had gone through careful scrutiny of her lawyer, Seun. She however realized that she had more than enough space to build on and decided to take in a tenant into another part of […]...
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Your Legal Obligations to Your Employees

Customers are king, right? Well, yes! However, for a ‘king’ to be comfortable and enjoy his reign, they must be ‘technocrats, the military, palace workers’ etc who ensure things go well. Well, in your business kingdom, those technocrats, military and workers are your employees. As an employer, therefore, you have some responsibilities or obligations to […]...
Land acquisitionProperty law
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Acquiring a Landed Property for Your Business

​Adeola is the winner of the $10,000,000 cash prize in the renowned SPC Fashion challenge for fashion entrepreneurs. In executing her next plans, Adeola decided to purchase a land which she saw a “For Sale” sign on at Ikeja. She thinks the space would be perfect for her fashion studio. She decided to speak to […]...
EntrepreneursStarting & Operating a Business
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5 Legal Terms Startup Founders Must Be Familiar With

As a startup founder/owner, you are on a constant journey of knowledge and learning. This means that you must continually give yourself to learning, and such learning will be across many fields or subjects that directly or even indirectly relate to starting or running your business. One important aspect is Legal. Whilst we astutely advise […]...
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Why you should terminate that contract

FBT Ltd, a PR agency had finally found a digital marketer after weeks of interviewing various applicants. Fola seemed to be the perfect fit, having worked as a digital marketer for GT Bank.  After signing his employment contract, Fola resumed work at FBT’s office. Mid-way through the third month, Fola refuses to deliver on a […]...
Family Law
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What every startup founder should know about dispute resolution

Tobe and Tacha have been running Happy Feets Ltd, their thriving shoe business for about  2 years. Just at the brink of entering into a competition organised by the British Council for creatives, Tobe discovered that Tacha had a company which was doing the exact same business  as Happy Feets Ltd, and was also participating […]...
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The Start-up Guide To Tax and Its Types

Nkechi is the co-founder of a blooming start-up. She’s a model business owner as she does everything according to the books and ensures that all that she and her team does always follow due process. At a networking event for start-up founders, she met Jide who also was running a brilliant and dynamic start-up. As […]...