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Business Incorporation or Business name registration?

Dear Zainab, Good afternoon. I sincerely wish I can incorporate a business but I don’t have cash to do all that. How can Zainab help out? Thanks. Aspiring Entrepreneur Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur, Thank you for reaching out. I can understand your plight as many other entrepreneurs go through this same issue. The simple advice I […]...

5 Non-disclosure agreements pitfalls to avoid

A $65million payout.   That’s what the Winklevoss twins got from Facebook as compensation for Mark Zuckerberg “stealing” their idea.   We don’t know if he actually stole the idea or not, but what we do know is there was NO NDA ( Non-disclosure agreement).   If there was nothing to prove that there was […]...

What you need to include in your employee contract

You are delighted with the new programmer you are taking on. You send him his employment contract which indicates his pay, his working hours from Monday to Friday, and other benefits. Within a month you get a huge sponsorship deal that requires you to work overtime including the weekend. Your programmer points out that his […]...
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The advantages of incorporating your business in Nigeria

Starting and running a business is hard. At the very beginning, one of the questions you have to ask yourself is: What kind of business am I running? It might seem insignificant at the time, especially when you are still quite taken with how awesome your idea is. However, choosing how your business is organized […]...
Ask Zainab

Why you need a tenancy agreement

Dear Zainab, Thanks for all the answers you have been providing to business owners like me. I have been helped many times reading your answers. Keep up the good work! I have a little question of my own. I inherited a property from my Dad and I plan to rent it out. Someone has indicated […]...
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13 Essential legal documents for businesses

A brilliant light bulb moment. You are absolutely sure your idea is the next billion dollar business. You do a little market research, throw some competitive research into the mix and you are ready to take over the world. You register your business, put up a website, look for a co-founder, recruit some amazing people, […]...
Ask Zainab

Legal structures you need as a media agency

Hello Zainab, I currently run a Media Agency with my co-founder.  We are looking to scale by representing various Content Creators, and platforms, that is while they create the shows, songs or content, we would be the one to handle the Business aspect of things We have been doing business on a month to month […]...
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What you didn’t know about NDAs

How many times have you requested for an NDA (Non disclosure agreement)  to be signed and you get a reply assuring  you to trust them? Because well, they support your hustle and would do nothing to jeopardize it . Promises of an assured future. Now let’s talk reality. A duly signed NDA is very vital […]...
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Co-Founders Series: Absolutely Tired of my Co-Founder. How Can I Remove Him?

It’s always darkest before the dawn. But, sometimes it’s also darkest before a thunderstorm. So, you and your co-founder have been having rows of arguments. He’s too shady for your liking and you wish you listened to your boyfriend/girlfriend when he/she warned you against him. You’re desperate to bring an end to the relationship. But […]...
Intellectual Property

Copyright strategies for startups

We’ll keep this simple You own the copyright to your work. You worked hard to acquire it, so it follows that you have exclusive rights to it or at the very least be in control of who uses your property and the manner in which it is being used. The owner of a copyrighted work […]...
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6 things to do when crafting social media content for your brand

Social media has become one of the greatest tools businesses can use to scale their business and sell their products. Creating content to be posted on this medium must then be given good attention. Let’s consider 6 things you should do as you create content for your platforms. Plan Have a schedule for your social […]...
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Co-Founder Series: Hey there! Would You Be My Co-Founder?

In the ever interesting world of startups and innovation, it is easy to meet a person and be intrigued by them – either by their crazy intelligence, or skillset or the promise of relevance they hold. Picture this: You, a guru in business development, go for a fireside chat and sit next to a promising […]...