How to change your Limited Liability Company to a Business Name1 min read

Dear Zainab,


I applied for a name under limited liability company with CAC but I want to change it back to a business name. Someone at CAC said it’s too late unless I am willing to forfeit the name which I do not want to. Please how do I fix this?





Dear B,


So long as you are yet to start the registration process for the limited liability company, you can just wait for the name to expire then reapply to have a business name registered with the same name.


Names expire 60 days after reservation. Try to time submitting your business name reservation with when the expiration date of the name reservation for the limited liability. However there is no 100% guarantee that the name will still be available after expiration.


You may want to consider another name if you are not too attached to this particular name.


All the best, B.