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The advantages of having a trademark for your business

What’s a trademark, really? A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. Business elements that can be trademarked include: business name, logo, slogan, signature, brand name or whatever distinctive mark. Once the trade marks are registered, you will […]...
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What is a Trademark?

Mr. Musa wants to invest in Adeshina and Chidi’s businesses. He, however, wants them to trademark their product and brand so other people do not use them. Any word, name, symbol, or device which is used to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others can be trademarked. […]...
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Bobby needs Trademark and Privacy Policy.

Bobby is an engineer who is passionate about good food and is planning to set up a website to make his homemade meals available for sale. A registered trademark gives him the right to stop others from imitating his product. His business elements that can and should be trademarked are: Business name Business Logo Business […]...
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Your company name vs your Trademark, do you know the difference?

Imagine the horrors of another company opening up a business with your company name? All the hard work, goodwill and customers you have managed to cultivate will be shared with an imitator. That could be a hard pill to swallow, but in reality, you don’t have to swallow it at all… If you know the […]...
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Trademark Licencing in 2 minutes

Trademarks could be the bodyguard to your business. They are an important business asset that could protect your brand. Importantly, you can use, sell and license rights that come from your trademark and receive royalties. They make one of the core assets a business could have. Licensing your trademark can be a beneficial business strategy […]...