Understanding pension deduction from salary2 min read

Hello Zainab,

I want to ask u a question. We are like 3 in our small company, which began operations 8 months ago. My boss hired one girl 2 months ago to join us and Gbam! before you know it, he started deducting from our salary. Hmmn, I think it’s because of that girl that he began making deductions on our salary, Maybe they have a thing or two together.

Sha me I have small “were” oh, so I went to confront him about the deductions. He was laughing at this serious matter. He doesn’t know I can tell his wife about the whole issue. Well, he said the deductions were pensure or pension or what did he even call it sef? Anyway, me I want to confirm from a higher power before I now go and do something.

Were Staff

Dear Were Staff

LMHO!! you almost made me spill my coffee while reading your mail. That your were is bigger than you think. Well, I won’t blame you most people don’t know what the deductions on their payslip mean. Really not everything is a vexing issue, so calm yourself down.

Your boss is correct and the deductions are pension-related deductions. All employers must begin to remit pension on behalf of their employees once they have more than 3 employees. The employer contributes 10% of each employee’s monthly salary to a pension fund administrator (PFA) of the employee’s choice. The employer must also deduct 8% from the employee’s salary to remit to the PFA meaning 18% of an employee’s monthly salary must be remitted to the PFA monthly.

You can access the pension after you retire or a certain percentage if you remain unemployed for a long time.

So you see, your employer is actually doing you a favour and helping you build a nest for a rainy day so don’t go destroying his marriage o.

LOL, Enjoy your day