What Happens When I Don’t File My Annual Returns?1 min read

Dear Zainab,

I registered my business with CAC using your platform a couple of years ago. I just want to say thank you for making the process so seamless. You have such an incredible response team at DIYLaw

Back to my question. I was having a conversation with a friend some days back, then I mentioned I don’t file annual returns. In the history of my business, I have never filed my annual returns. She gave me the look and said, “you are playing with my business name being delisted from CAC’s registry”

What did she mean by that? 



Dear Sharon.

Allow me to say, you have an informed friend.

There are several things a registered business is expected to do after registration/incorporation, one of which is the filing of Annual Returns.

Filing of Annual Returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is a compulsory statutory requirement for all registered entities or organisations in Nigeria, regardless of entity type . The first filing is due within 18 months of registration and subsequently every year, no later than 30th June of the year for the previous year.  It is different from filing annual tax returns and an additional requirement in addition to filing annual tax returns. 

The CAC may delist or strike out a business that has consistently failed to file its annual returns. There are also penalties for late filing of annual returns.
Now you see why I say you have an informed friend because she was right. This is me saying, please go file your annual returns.😄

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